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About us

About Us

We believe in an easier way of coding that will enable you to build more sophisticated software.


Our Philosophy & Core Values

Creating value for collaborative programming is what we do. We develop everything with our core values of agility, hard work and reliability.


Read more about us:

We have a number of posts in our blog talking about us, where we come from and what we aim at. Please check these episodes of our story below.

Our Story I: Why C/C++ made me quit a tenure track position at University by Diego Rodríguez-Losada

Our Story II: Miguel Hernando’s road to entrepreneurship by Miguel Hernando

We give back to the community, that's what they like about us.


Simplicity is onw of our core values at biicode.


Our code development methodology is agile.


Code reuse made simple.


Relability is of peak importance for biicode.


Biicode es posible gracias al apoyo financiero proporcionado por:

The Spanish Ministry of Economy supports biicode. The Spanish Ministry of Industry supports biicode. Enesa, Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo The European Union supports biicode.