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nodejs Features

A new multi-language approach to dependency management

Node JS Features

Node JS integration of biicode

Biicode approach

Biicode is a different approach to dependencies management for C/C++, and we have implemented experimental support for Node.js. We don’t pretend to compete with NPM, it’s well established and has tons of modules. But we think that a unified dependency manager for all languages could be great, please check the approach both for C/C++ and Node and we’d love to hear your feedback.

Code reuse made simple even in Node JS. Because biicode is file-based.

Deps manager at a file level

  • Integrate source code from biicode just by writing appropriate “requires”, (yours and others).
  • Manage dependencies at file level. Reuse individual files from existing projects.
  • Share and publish to biicode with one command.
  • Mix languages, specific OS-code, and reuse later without problems.

Improved confict resolution in Node JS projects.

Improved conflict resolution

Biicode does not avoid conflicts by managing different versions of the same code in your dependencies, it follows a more traditional and multi-language approach, stores a single dependencies copy in a folder, and the user can specify conflicts resolution. But managing at file level can make this much less necessary. Also, use the smart dependencies resolver to look for a combination of versions of your dependencies that minimizes the chances of conflicts.

A Node JS dependencies manager

A multi-language dependency manager

Use the exact same process and commands to develop, depend, publish and share and reuse source code, independently of the programming language and OS.

What are you waiting for?

Download biicode now and start a Node JS projectDownload biicode now and start a Node JS project

biicode works with any of these platforms: Windows, OSX, Ubuntu, Debian.

Get started with any of your Node JS projects now.Get started with any of your Node JS projects now.