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raspberry pi

C / C++ dependency manager with Raspberry Pi cross-compilation

Raspberry Pi Features

Raspberry Pi support in biicode.

Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)

Use and combine the libraries at biicode. Save countless hours configuring and installing.

  • Integrate source code from biicode just by writing appropriate #includes (yours and others).
  • Manage dependencies at file level. Reuse individual files from existing projects.
  • Share and publish to biicode with one command.
  • Allows modular development without packaging, just sources.

Develop as usual any of your Raspberry Pi projects with biicode.

Develop as usual

Ubuntu and Raspbian clients. Code, debug in your computer, with your compiler and editor, publish to biicode cloud servers for later reuse.

Cross compile easily with biicode in any Raspberry Pi project.

Cross Compile

Work and compile directly on the Raspberry Pi.
Or compile your code on your computer for your Raspberry Pi with biicode. Once it’s working, just send the executable to your Raspberry Pi.

Manage easily your dependencies with biicode

Control your dependencies

Choose versions of the code you depend on. Just edit the flat file biicode.conf, and get transitive dependencies and conflict resolution. Or use the smart finder to search for jointly compatible versions, always according to your preferences.

Easily integrate with CMake any of your Raspberry Pi projects.

CMake buildsystem

Never lose control of your building. biicode uses CMake to generate your project with its dependencies. You can configure the build in CMakeLists.txt files (e.g. depending on local libraries).

VCS Compatible allows biicode to work smothly with repos like Github or Bitbucket.

VCS Compatible

biicode keeps meta-data in plain text files, so you can easily store and track your code with VCS like git or mercurial. Use your git repos online as usual with github, bitbucket, gitlab.

Reuse and share code with biicode.

Reuse and collaborate

Use the already existing code on biicode: zlib, box2d, eigen, googletest and more. Let’s build together a collaborative community, upload and share new code (with the license of your choice).

What are you waiting for?

Download biicode now and start developing a Raspberry Pi project.Download biicode now and start developing a Raspberry Pi project.

OSX, Windows, Ubuntu, Debian are some of the platforms biicode supports.

Get started now with your Raspberry Pi projects and biicode.Get started now with your Raspberry Pi projects and biicode.