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Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

No ninjas, no gurus… If you just love programming, you are a great coder and software engineer and enjoy technical challenges in a dynamic and young environment, you are a perfect fit for biicode. You will be integrated in the team as a senior engineer and lead, interacting with and influencing on everything from product design to implementation, engineering, coding, and even marketing and communication.

The job position is based in Madrid, Spain. We offer very competitive salary + shares.

Not very specific technological skills are required, but you should be:

  • Very comfortable with dev tools: Version control systems, issues trackers, code reviews
  • Experienced in dev processes: flows, releases, testing, continuous integration
  • A great software engineer, able to solve complex problems, propose and develop novel models, algorithms, designs, architectures and technological solutions
  • A great coder, care about style, performance, quality, maintainability
  • Willing to learn new things, and able to do it efficiently
  • Product and end-user oriented
  • Able to lead and interact dynamically and daily with other team members, and enjoy our culture. We are technology lovers, but we also like having fun!

These are our currently used technologies, it is great if you master some or many of them, but it is not a strict requirement:

  • Python (2.7), bottle for HTTP APIs. Cython, pyinstaller for packaging. SQLite
  • Angular.js, HTML, CSS
  • C/C++
  • MongoDB, Heroku, Redis, Memcache
  • Amazon WS, buildbot, reviewboard, redmine, gitlab
  • Each developer chooses their own IDE, OS

If you are interested, drop us an email at


Flexibility is fundamental to work at biicode


Commuting has to be addressed in the most efficient way possible.

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A Senior Software Engineer has still a lot to promote here at biicode.

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