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Community Guidelines

We welcome you to biicode, a hosting and code reuse service in the cloud that aims to make life easier for software developers like us.

The purpose of this text is to teach you what it means to be a member of biicode´s community and how fulfil our Terms and Conditions of Use.

The Community Guidelines have been created to help you understand the operation and behavior requires in the biicode community and thus, the behavior that other users of the community expects of you. We ask you to be respectful and loyal with other users in exchange of them respecting you and that you make a good use of the platform biicode. This will result in that we all enjoy the service.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the use of the platform biicode, please do not hesitate to write to

Here we list a number of things that we believe you can and should do as a user of the biicode community:

  • biicode is designed to make your life easier as a software developer. The more users are part of the community, more useful the platform will be for all of us. We encourage you to talk about us and use our platform for sharing and reuse of computer source code. The more visible your code is, the wider your work will be broadcasted, enjoy more visibility and have more chances of being rewarded for it.
  • We are flexible, we like to improve and understand the needs of the users of our community better. Any suggestions, criticisms or comments are welcome. Feedback us at !
  • You must give us real and complete details in order to sign up to biicode. Have you got something to hide? Remember that it is necessary for you to be over 14 and that, in case you are under 18, you will need authorization from your parents or guardians. If you act on behalf of a legal person, first check our Terms and Conditions of Use.
  • It is very important that you understand that as a biicode user that you are responsible for the source code that you store and share with the community and the activities that occur under your account.
  • Before you upload contents to biicode or make use of the computer source code hosted on biicode community, make sure you can do it within the limits. Make sure you do not infringe rights of third parties. If you have doubts, ask us or talk to other users of the community. It is very important for us to respect the decisions of everybody.
  • If you notice any suspicious or inappropriate activity or stored content, notify it to us so that we can take the appropriate action as soon as possible.
  • Be respectful to other users of the Community. We try to defend freedom of expression but you cannot post contents or comments that are violent, offensive, pornographic, or that incite any kind of gender discrimination, or that are inadequate, in general.
  • On the contrary, as biicode community user, you must not do the following:
  • biicode is a platform designed to host computer source code. It makes no sense that you use it to store other type of information. Be warned: we will remove those stored data that are not computer source code.
  • Respect the incentive program of platform biicode. Do not try to cheat for it would harm other users and, more importantly, the confidence in the transparent functioning of the community. It is designed to help you. Failure to make good use of it, will oblige us to remove it.
  • It is very important that you know that biicode does not supervise nor monitor the stored source code, so it is the users responsibility to make available to other users the source code, to ensure that it is not defective, incompatible with biicode´s platform, or contains any kind of virus, worm, bot malware, trojan, adware or spyware.
  • We ask you for common sense: acts intended to cause damage to biicode´s systems, its suppliers or third parties are not permitted. We will also take action if you carry out acts that the community considers malicious, abusive or undergo a disproportionate workload to servers or other systems of biicode.

If you do not meet these guidelines, or the Terms and Conditions, you may force us to suspend or cancel your user account. If we deem it necessary, we could also prevent you from creating a new user account.

We hope that you enjoy the platform and you are encouraged to share and reuse code between other users of biicode´s community.

The biicode team