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meet the team

Meet the Team

We sincerely enjoy the work we do and our goal is to ease yours.

Diego Rodríguez-Losada

Ping Pong and robotics Master, SW lover; crazy coder, tired, and proud father of 3. Previously: Full time University Professor and Researcher.

Luis Martínez
Senior Software Engineer

Ping-Pong freak, Cooking and animal lover. Father of little Sara. 10 years of Web frontend and backend applications.

Miguel Hernando
Founder/SW Engineer

Robotics Artist, SW Artist, long suffering supporter of the Atletico de Madrid Currently I am University Professor and Researcher at CAR.

David Sánchez Falero
Software Engineer

Mountain gorillas lover and foster-father of one. Interested in internet of things, robotics and artificial intelligence. Co-organizer of C/C++ Madrid.

Fran Ramírez
Junior Software Engineer

Embedded SW and new technologies addicted. Dragon Ball loyal. Python and C++ Developer

María de Antón
Operations Coordinator

Foodie, voracious reader and film reel photographer. Universal Accessibility believer and Android Developer.

Jordi Mon
Marketing Manager

There is two types of people: the ones that do stuff and the ones that sell it. I’m the one that sells biicode.

Manu Sanchez
Software Engineer

Focused on modern C++ best practices and template metaprogramming

Pablo San Segundo

Chess GrandMaster. Former Spanish Chess Champion, member of the Olympic Team. Professor at University. Main research interests: graphs and NP-hard problems.

Manuel Arrufat

Figures cowboy. Ex-Googler. Marketing professor, optimist, results oriented and football fan.

Jose Luís Díaz

Problem Solver. SW engineer, Technology and innovation enthusiast. Father of 2.